About me

Cutting my art production teeth in New York’s advertising scene over the past decade offered an invaluable career boot camp, necessitating quick thinking, adaptability, and curating a keen eye for what’s next. Working in this environment not only instilled a hard work ethic, but also the importance of nurturing a trusted rolodex and exhibiting grace under pressure. I’ve produced projects of all sizes and scales: from a blue-chip integrated brief with an intimidating calendar for an exacting tech titan, to scrappy documentary content for a client’s neighborhood outreach program. I welcome it all, big and small. With experience in both account management and production, I wear many hats with ease and love diving into new creative challenges with a collaborative and solutions-oriented spirit. 

Concentrations include original photography, illustration, CGI, and animation production; photography sourcing and licensing; production bidding and portfolio consulting. Weaknesses include a glass of dry red, schmear of funky cheese and canines over 100 pounds.


+1 631.513.8774 | caitebyrnes@gmail.com

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Samsung, Michelob ULTRA, Kraft, Heinz, Chief, American Express, Martell, Brighthouse Financial, Grey Poupon, Axe, PNC Bank, Vaseline, Clear, Galderma, Grubhub, Seamless, JBL, Harman Kardon, Suited, Marriott, PlayStation, Microsoft, Outback, Westin, Sharpie, Parker, hilmor, Graco, Rubbermaid, Epiduo, Eli Lilly, TEPEZZA, Shingrix. 

Artists et al.

Josefina Santos, Iris Humm, Victor Llorente, Malu Boruchowicz, Bella Newman, Kristin Gladney, Aubrie Pick, DKNG Studios, Robert Beatty, Elliott Wilcox, Robin Broadbent, Martien Mulder, Jheyda McGarrell, Aaron Cushley, Frederik Lieberath, Mercedes deBellard, Kat Borchart, Thomas Rohlfs, Louisa Cannell, Amanda Fordyce, Peter Funch, James Carey, Doug Rosa, Robin Eisenberg, Jake Stangel, Emma Hardy, JUCO, Stefano Azario, Simon Harsent, Abbey Drucker, Sidney Bensimon, Peggy Sirota, Todd Selby, Eva Kolenko, Carla Fuentes, Carmen Casado, Noma Bar, Gemma & Andy Ingalls, Mark Wickens, Benedict Redgrove, Michael Maes, Lisa Shin, Mark Laita, Brian Kuhlmann, Clint Blowers, Sarah Mazzetti, Bros Mind, Blood Bros, Jim Salvati.